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Religious Education

Sunday School:  11 am each Sunday, during the worship service.

Our Church Sunday School is an active one with children ranging in age from around 6 to 13 years old.  Within the next year or so the teens will be working on their Confirmation studies.  We are currently using a curriculum from an online resource called “Teach Sunday School” and have done a new unit each year. The children loved learning the 5 finger prayer which helped them have confidence when talking to God and how to respond when God says “not now” to a prayer. We are currently learning about the book of Psalms, who wrote them, why they were written and how they can help comfort us in times of trouble, even today. These lessons really do make God’s Word come alive for kids! There is usually a craft or active game included in each lesson so the children can be active and creative.  The children’s curiosity, questions, and imagination are the driving force, so we take whatever time they need.  We are experiencing some remarkable discussions!

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